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Living lovingly

We all like to be accepted and loved as we are, right?
But I ask you dear reader: “is that an easy thing to do?”
As we live in a world of right and wrong, we automatically set conditions to our love.
One can say it’s embedded in our mental and emotional system.
And as long as we follow these conditions, at a certain moment a form of hurt,
due to the lack of love for/of oneself, someone or something, will show.
Then consciously or not, we’ll activate issues like self-pity, thoughts of loss,
injustice, fear etc.
Often we’ll project our hurt onto our outside world, onto other living beings thereby harming them and ourselves.
Thus, dear reader once in a while stop the automatism and ask yourself:
do I live lovingly?

Easter Spring

Our eyes see
the earth awaken once again

Our ears hear
the music of birds and lambs
and the story of resurrection

Our nose smells
the fragrance of the flowers

Our mouth transmits
our joyful wishes
and tastes the traditional goodies

Our heart feels
the Miracle of Love

And our soul signals
to embrace eternity.

New Year

Most people of this world accept January 1 as the beginning of a new year.
They follow the Gregorian calendar that came forth from the Julian calendar started by Julius Caesar. However the earliest recorded festivities in honor of a new year’s arrival date back some 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. For them, the first new moon following the vernal equinox (the day in late March with an equal amount of sunlight and darkness) was the start of a new year. Then they made promises to their gods that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. Through time many people of many cultures started their new year by taking certain resolutions but many did not follow through.

If you too follow this new year’s habit and wonder why you did not continue herewith some supportive tips:

  • Define and visualize your goal as precise as possible.
  • What is needed?
  • Is what I am doing now aligned with my goal?
  • Am I 100% willing and able to do all what’s needed?
  • Do I need help of another person?
  • Affirm: I’m open to receive all forms of support
  • Persist and Have fun!



Care or not?

Do you care when there is injustice, fear, hate, hurt?
Do you dare to use your mind and allow thoughts of care to enter?
Or are you afraid your own hurt, your own thoughts of injustice, your own pain filled memories will show, will be felt?
Do you rather keep this shield of ‘protection’ around you?
Do you rather shield your self and hold on to your hurt?
Do you rather project your hurt onto others, via behavior of indifference, aggression and blame
Do you think that’s the best way for you?
To care does not mean you have to feel their hurt too.
It does not mean you can solve their issues.
You can acknowledge, to respect their experience, to show your compassion.
Do you dare to show you care?
Do you dare to care for you?
Do you dare to care for others?




Mind shouts:10
I’m so fed up with the injustice
I’m so tired to see so much greed, misery
When do people learn?

Heart hurts:
I bleed

Soul whispers:
Continue the love
Shine your light!




Which belief is true?

Simply said; a belief is a thought you keep on thinking.

Thus if you keep on thinking your belief, it keeps on showing up to you.

You, your vibration will keep on attracting the situation related to that belief.

And……… the same applies for what others believe.

Thus tell me which belief is true?


Our world

Let’s be fair – we’ve all acted and reacted in unpleasant ways at one time or another. _MG_4369
None of us is immune to an occasional toxic mood swing.
But through awareness and the willingness for change we can learn from these experiences.

As I wrote before our physical world is a world of duality where we perceive right and wrong. In this world we need to deal with constructive and destructive forces.  We need to experience and understand which choices to make.  We are asked to act and react. And in order to do so we will get many opportunities to find out which choices are the constructive ones.

Till we have learned what we need to the unresolved or misunderstood issues will keep on popping up. Thus until we understand what is in the purest good we will continue to project and attract people and situations that activate what we perceive as disruptive energies.

Let’s choose wisely!




Msg of the soul: Love and peace are your right!

In the world of duality there is love and, seemingly, an absence of love.    hart
In the world of unity there is love only.

Love shows you the way to freedom,
it shows you the way to peace.
Love sustains, it’s a marker, a warmth.

Know you create love at your own unique way.
Know that Love is, was, will be
Know there is no absence.



Msg of the soul: A budding flower

The heart that opens is like a budding flower.                                                        roos1c
It shows the beauty, smell and presence of tenderness.
It attracts many because there is a need to experience these harmonious energies.

When you are in connection with all that is you can convey these energies.
Thus warm your heart and the hearts of others.
Be as a child, awake and come into bloom.




We have so many words in our vocabulary and one of them is ‘joy’. joy1
But what is ‘joy’?
Is it an emotion? Is it a source or cause of happiness and delight; a state of being?
Does one need other components to become joyful or is it merely a thought expressed?

Hmmm how do I find ‘joy’?
Well the way I see it ……. I have choices.
I can continue to ponder and stay put in this place of thought.
I can delve more and more into this state of contemplation and accumulate more knowledge.
Another choice is to get moving and to discover through action.
I can open my eyes wide, open my heart too. I can discover the world and its inhabitants; to have experiences of life.
I can allow the thoughts and emotions to influence me and to react.

What do you think which choice will make me find and understand ‘ joy’?