Each of us likes to love and to be loved, to be healthy, energetic and successful. 
In order to be so we need our strength, our life’s energy.

Energy is everywhere and everyone and everything consists of energy. Energy vibrates and resonates.
Energy creates forms, fields, waves.
Energy is power.

The energy of our body flows through different points and channels.
When the flow is interrupted or blocked the harmony is interrupted and dis-ease appears.

In general this occurs when we are confronted with situations and issues which we experience as stressful, difficult or painful.
These experiences lower your energy level and influence (often sub-consciously) your mood and health.  You’ll start to feel down, you’ll lack energy and all sorts of complaints and problems can come forward.

For those moments when you are in need of support or insight:
– I offer you my short term straight forward guidance. In a direct intuitive personal consultation or via Skype you can engage in a process of healing, discovery and growth.
– Intensify your self-healing abilities by learning the methods Self-Revitalising or Reiki.

You will find that disturbing energy releases and healing is activated. Possibilities arise to develop a fresh perspective, to strengthen your life’s energy and positive qualities.

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