About us


Anja has longstanding experience and interests in the field of life’s energy and particularly the application of holistic approaches to health care and well-being, drawing on traditional and contemporary approaches.

She has undertaken years studying and training in psycho-social psychology, complementary alternative therapies and healing methods like Tasso regression method, Reiki, Silva method, Spiritual response and restructuring, Dorn Method, EMDR. During these studies she rediscovered her intuitive energetic nature. She opened her practice in 2005 and since then her practice continues to evolve energetically.

Anja developed her own ways that support humans and animals to reconnect with their inner strength and self-healing abilities.
She provides certified courses in different healing modalities.

Anja’s passion is to activate awareness, self-contemplation and empowerment. Her mission: to bring joy and light. She prefers to communicate with you spirit to spirit, working in a space of compassion, gentle humor and psychic maturity.

In The Netherlands she has been certified as a psycho-social therapist, trans-personal regression therapist, Reiki master as well as specialized assistant mental health care. She is a registered member of the international regression association Earth. Together with her Dutch colleague Jose Versteeg she has developed the self-help method ‘Self-Revitalsing’. 

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