Anger is a form of fire that can assist you to get things done as well as an energy that can undermine you to do whatever it is you are aiming

In general anger is not the primary emotion.  Anger is often masking hurt or fear.
Therefor it’s important to understand what’s driving your anger in order to change its discordant effect. Emotions are indicators of how you experience your life in a particular moment. The way you express them can have a huge impact in your life; either for the positive or negative.

There different ways to express anger.
When expressed it can show itself through a change in tone and speech (like an increase in pace, volume or swearing).  Or you may stomp your feet, pound your fists, slam doors or
even do worse.
The opposite is the expression of anger through silence, sarcasm or choosing a passive-aggressive attitude.

Physically anger leads to health issues like sleep problems, migraines, high blood pressure and strokes and more. And when chronic it is found to be directly linked to an increase in heart disease.
Thus when you ignore the intensity of your anger or overuse it and use it a strategy to cause problems, you are playing with your health.

When in conversation and you feel the anger starts having its grip, state what’s happening and first cool down before continuing.
When you still feel the tension in your body find your way of release. For example you can hit or kick (while shouting) a beanbag or a boxing ball.
Take up a sport through which you can express yourself, seek support of a therapist and check too if what you are eating and drinking activates this emotion of fire.