To Bloom

I shall know myself through deedsBecause the fruit of a healthy tree is always nourishingMy words shall show my loving heartBecause my mouth speaks in accordance with my heart’s abundance. Each one is born with certain talents which can come to bloom during your life. Through self-contemplation and awareness, one can discover these talents and …

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Days seem long, but time is not the essence, freedom is. Time can be an essence when you use it consciously. Do not let it slip, as it is your time and an essence of your life on earth.  It is an opportunity to work with. Time ‘disappears’ when you travel, sleep, or are in …

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The loving heart

The heart that opens is like a budding flower. It shows its beauty and awakens the smell and presence of tenderness. It attracts many. Dare and be with ‘All that is’and Convey your energy Warm your heart and the hearts of others. Be as a child, awake and bloom.

Wisdom cards / Wijsheid kaarten

Yeah! So happy to announce the arrival of the Dutch version of our Wisdom cards or Wijsheid kaarten! During the last few years, our spiritual guides send us many messages that became the base of our ‘Revitalise yourself’ courses and now as well for these 69 cards and the accompanying booklet. ‘For more info please see …

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To be my-self

What does it mean ‘being myself’?Am I my-self now, right now, this moment while sitting with my laptop, while writing this down? Am I myself when I do what I like? When I have fun?When I read, joke, sing or dance?Does that mean I am a carefree person? Am I myself when I feel love …

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Why don’t you give it a go?

Nowadays there’s a lot going on in this world of ours. Wars and diseases seem to expand. It looks that greed and hatred are getting their claws into many. There is a lot of energy which is out of tune with our life-force creating a difficult and stressful time for many. Some people start to …

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On 11-11-2018  or 11-11-11 (2+0+1+8), light awareness has expanded itself again. The stronger the light, the more it can shine onto what is hidden. Thus, it can set more light on what aligns with us and what does not. Opposites, and causes of conflict, will become more visible. Individually it will expand the consciousness of …

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of us all? Many of us would love to hear the mirror say: “YOU are.” Each of us, in our own way, we search for a sense of self-worth. And in order to find that worth and appreciation, the first place we tend to look for it, is …

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Living lovingly

We all like to be accepted and loved as we are, right? But I ask you dear reader: “is that an easy thing to do?” As we live in a world of right and wrong, we automatically set conditions to our love. One can say it’s embedded in our mental and emotional system. And as long …

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