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Let’s be fair – we’ve all acted and reacted in unpleasant ways at one time or another. None of us is immune to an occasional toxic mood swing. But through awareness and the willingness for change we can learn from these experiences. As I wrote before our physical world is a world of duality where …

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We have so many words in our vocabulary and one of them is ‘joy’.  But what is ‘joy’? Is it an emotion? Is it a source or cause of happiness and delight; a state of being? Does one need other components to become joyful or is it merely a thought expressed? Hmmm how do I …

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Anger is a form of fire that can assist you to get things done as well as an energy that can undermine you to do whatever it is you are aiming for. In general anger is not the primary emotion.  Anger is often masking hurt or fear. Therefor it’s important to understand what’s driving your …

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To help or not to?

In life it is important and at times difficult to understand that it is our free choice when we decide to assist someone who asks for our help, who is in need or dire straits. After we decide to assist, it does help all involved to set an intention to do what is possible and …

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Many times I am asked if I am a spiritual person. If my thoughts, actions and reactions are based on spirituality. I have heard and read many explanations of the word spirituality and have decided that I like what has been stated in Wikipedia: Spirituality is a process of personal transformation, either in accordance with …

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Why don’t you give it a go?

  Nowadays there’s a lot going on in this world of ours. Wars and diseases seem to expand. Greed and hatred seem to get their claws into many. There is a lot of energy which is out of tune with our life-force making it a difficult and stressful time for many of us. Some people start to …

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To be oneself

What does it mean ‘being oneself’? Am I myself now, right now, this moment while sitting with my laptop, while writing this down? Am I myself when I do what I like? When I have fun? When I read, joke, sing or dance? When I laugh? Does that mean I am a carefree person? Am …

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