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Days seem long, but time is not the essence, freedom is. Time can be an essence when you use it consciously. Do not let it slip, as it is your time and an essence of your life on earth.  It is an opportunity to work with. Time ‘disappears’ when you travel, sleep, or are in …

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To be my-self

What does it mean ‘being myself’?Am I my-self now, right now, this moment while sitting with my laptop, while writing this down? Am I myself when I do what I like? When I have fun?When I read, joke, sing or dance?Does that mean I am a carefree person? Am I myself when I feel love …

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Why don’t you give it a go?

Nowadays there’s a lot going on in this world of ours. Wars and diseases seem to expand. It looks that greed and hatred are getting their claws into many. There is a lot of energy which is out of tune with our life-force creating a difficult and stressful time for many. Some people start to …

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