InfluenceComplaints of spiritual, emotional or physical nature often occur when you cannot stay in touch with your positive essence. When you feel unable to change or accept what is happening, stress develops. Aware or unaware you tend to deny or repress these disturbing influences of thoughts, emotions and feelings. You like to move on, to forget. But these influences will not disappear. Instead they will linger and affect your energy-level. Imperative  is you realise that each thought has a magnetic frequency. The more energy, attention & focus you give a specific thought or emotion, the more powerful it becomes. If you have a fear or worry and dwell on it, a snowball effect can occur, in which one fear, one worry draws in another. Thus, they need your attention and if not they will nag, infect or fester. They will drain your energy, distort your well-being and problems develop or worsen.

I can assist you when problems show up in the relation with your-self or with others; with career, finances and creativity, when you believe a spell has been cast and when you experience health problems like persistent, increasing or recurring physical difficulties without medical cause.

It’s natural that some problems and difficulties happen without your conscious agreement. It’s not always possible to be ahead or to dodge them. When that is the case acceptance is needed. Here too it is important to make sure you do so from a position of strength and balance.