Does you body speak?



Our body is our friend.
Our body shows us how we treat ourselves.
It shows us too what’s happening inside.
With the help of our cell-memories our body remembers what’s going on.
When something happens and it is not perceived as being in accordance with our normal way, our body reacts.
It reacts with the help of prickle.
We tend to call this damage, obstruction or illness.
We want the prickle to go away quickly as it stands in our way.
We are not able to do what we normally do, we find the prickle negative.
We want to get rid of it; the sooner the better and we look for a remedy.
The prickle is not allowed to be!
At that moment we do not realize we fail ourselves.
We fail because we do not respect ourselves by paying attention to the mindfulness of our body.
We do not use the moment to enlarge our consciousness and to regard the prickle as a sign.
An indication to look at ourselves and ask: “is it possible that I need to be aware of something?
Do I need to listen to my feelings or change my opinion? Do I need to adjust my behavior?”
I am asking you: “does your body speak”?