Energy scrub for house or place of work

energy fireworks
While being at home or at work we all like to enjoy a feeling of comfort and well-being.

But at certain places or sometimes in that of your own  home you will feel dis-comfort and a state of unease.
This is an indication that there is something the matter with the energy level.

Energy in a house or office is influenced by the energy of the people present and of those who were there in the past. It’s influenced too by the energy of animals, plants and machines. All leave an imprint.
When the energy level of a house is affected too much it can lead to complaints like restless sleep, restless kids, ailing health, feeling of uncleanliness  etc. Or in case of an office it can affect results and sick employees.

Luckily and most of times Anja understands what is needed to change the affected energy and will be able to turn it into a more healthy and clear one.

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