We have so many words in our vocabulary and one of them is ‘joy’. joy1
But what is ‘joy’?
Is it an emotion? Is it a source or cause of happiness and delight; a state of being?
Does one need other components to become joyful or is it merely a thought expressed?

Hmmm how do I find ‘joy’?
Well the way I see it ……. I have choices.
I can continue to ponder and stay put in this place of thought.
I can delve more and more into this state of contemplation and accumulate more knowledge.
Another choice is to get moving and to discover through action.
I can open my eyes wide, open my heart too. I can discover the world and its inhabitants; to have experiences of life.
I can allow the thoughts and emotions to influence me and to react.

What do you think which choice will make me find and understand ‘ joy’?