Our world

Let’s be fair – we’ve all acted and reacted in unpleasant ways at one time or another. _MG_4369
None of us is immune to an occasional toxic mood swing.
But through awareness and the willingness for change we can learn from these experiences.

As I wrote before our physical world is a world of duality where we perceive right and wrong. In this world we need to deal with constructive and destructive forces.  We need to experience and understand which choices to make.  We are asked to act and react. And in order to do so we will get many opportunities to find out which choices are the constructive ones.

Till we have learned what we need to the unresolved or misunderstood issues will keep on popping up. Thus until we understand what is in the purest good we will continue to project and attract people and situations that activate what we perceive as disruptive energies.

Let’s choose wisely!