Clients have indicated the following results:

• Expansion of consciousness
• Strengthening of contact with one self
• Awareness of activators causing complaints
• Awareness what brings and takes away life energy
• Freedom of inner barriers
• Strengthening of inner calm, self-confidence and acceptation
• Ability to set boundaries necessary and to guard them
• Activation of life force and energy
• Positive result due to work done, advice and exercises
• Complaints reduced or disappeared
• To be able to continue with renewed thoughts, feelings and way of behaviour
• Increased acceptance of one self.

Some of their remarks:


• “The course changed every aspect of  my life!! It is amazing! I am so grateful even though at times it seems difficult”. ~Z.Z.
• “I had a stimulating and interesting day. I enjoyed using both my brain and body to practice my intuition”.~N.

Revitalising sessions:

  • “Today I’m feeling lighter, it’s a nice feeling. I’m relaxed.” ~GD
  • “I really enjoyed the energy reading today. I feel I have a sense of direction now.” ~TeT
  • “After so many years, I feel more myself now…
    I never felt so peaceful in such a long time. It feels amazing.” ~Sh
  • “I feel more happier, positive, more energetic and at peace. I found hope again”-VaS
  • “I have been feeling so much better since our meeting. Like a weight lifted off me”. ~F.H.
  • “You listened and took me serious. I found self-worth” ~ RA
  • “What you told me about the cause of my father’s problem was right.  After many tests the doctors said the same. ~LaQ
  • “Lovely: new reactions and totally surprising behavior unknown to me”. ~A.H.
  • “I feel great; one way or another I feel more light; much better”. ~A.R.
  • “Suddenly I realized what I really wanted to do. Just letting you know….isn’t it wonderful?” ~E.K
  • “I’m amazed how I deal with certain situations; not that the sometimes difficult moments are solved but I can address them and move on.” ~M.S.
  • “You have wiped my blackboard clean.”~R.N.
  • “I’ve found the 2 consults very special and I am sure they played their role in my process of development.” ~E.W.
  • “The day after the first consult I started to make changes in my field of work. A present to myself.” ~E.O.
  • “My energy level is much better; I’m in the mood to start with certain changes needed due to more focus and decisiveness.” ~MvdB
  • “I have started to set my boundaries; personal and business wise.” ~RJ
  • “The house feels good once again.” ~LQ
  • “I have not been so creative for the longest time.” ~LMF