A sign

I came across a sign proclaiming “It’s hard to be a woman”.
You must think like a man,
Look like a young girl
And work like a horse.

I wonder will many believe what this sign proclaims?
If the answer is: yes.
Then I wonder who is the one asking the woman to be like this.
Is this the woman herself or are these ideas of others?
I wonder too if the writer understands the effects of these words?
Does the writer understand that words can influence the mind; that every word can attract a certain emotion? That when the effect is causing a thought of hardship or is undermining the self-esteem, the receivers energy vibration can lower thus affecting life’s energy?

I do know many hold high expectations, so what about an uplifting positive approach to being a woman?

I am created to be a woman.
And I believe I am able to fulfill this beautiful task!