To be my-self

What does it mean ‘being myself’?
Am I my-self now, right now, this moment while sitting with my laptop, while writing this down?

Am I myself when I do what I like? When I have fun?
When I read, joke, sing or dance?
Does that mean I am a carefree person?

Am I myself when I feel love for a person, an animal or an object?
When I touch a flower or a tree? When I stroke a face? When I speak kindly.
Does it mean I am a lover?        

Am I myself when I get upset because of what I see?
Does it mean I see injustice? And that I know better?
Or does it mean I feel pain? Pain of the other or my own?
Does it mean I suffer?

Am I myself when I hear a remark which gives me a jolt and I react?
Does that mean there is something in me that is shocked or touched?
Does it mean there is anger or hurt?

Am I myself when after listening to others I reply?
Does that mean I am there for them or does it mean I want to be heard too?

To be my-self
to me, a journey full of surprises.