To help or not to?

pos differanceIn life it is important and at times difficult to understand that it is our free choice when we decide to assist someone who asks for our help, who is in need or dire straits.
After we decide to assist, it does help all involved to set an intention to do what is possible and to be open to receive the purest good.

When at a certain moment there are no signs of visible change, we need to accept that we did what we could and not to continue in false hope. Then we need to decide to stop our visible action, to go or to stay and look on. Again it is our own choice to make.

But luckily whatever we decide there is no need to feel down nor powerless.
By acknowledging that we each create our own truth; by respecting this truth; by truly believing that we are entitled to make our own choices to experience what we chose to, we can open our heart and send the other person the power of love. We can do this by taking a few minutes each day to think of and to visualize the person as being in the purest clearest light possible and finding the way to clarity. And….. of course… do so for ourselves as well.