Wisdom cards / Wijsheid kaarten

Yeah! So happy to announce the arrival of the Dutch version of our Wisdom cards or Wijsheid kaarten!

During the last few years, our spiritual guides send us many messages that became the base of our ‘Revitalise yourself’ courses and now as well for these 69 cards and the accompanying booklet.
‘For more info please see https://self-revitalising.com/

The channeled messages provide you with guidance that can initiate healing, as they reveal hidden blocks that affect your life’s energy. These revitalising messages help you to understand your creative consciousness. They offer clarity and insight to support you with your everyday issues and challenges.

We deliberately chose the image of a stylized eye. The saying ‘eyes are the mirrors of the soul’ is well known to everyone. The number 69 is an enlargement of the harmonic symbol for Yin and Yang which are complementary forces that interact to form a dynamic system.
The 6 symbolizes the (energetic) outward movement and the 9 the inward movement.

Each card represents a portal to a deeper understanding of yourself. The text will empower and inspire you.
Thus, are you ready to connect with your inner self and tune in to your potential to revitalise?
Are you willing to wake up and see yourself from a different perspective?

You can order a set via the contact form, or send your mail to info@energy-en-balans.nl